The Sum of the Things We've Seen

by persons. places. things.

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This EP was recorded in the fall of 2014, at Capital University in Columbus by Max Taylor (as well as Jeremy Lee). We did not end up finishing it; a lot of things came up, we didn't have the time to get it all done, and it has sat unlistened to for quite a while.

We decided to put out these five songs (the fifth remaining as an instrumental) for the people that like them, the people that have supported us, and ourselves.

Thanks for winding up on this page, now go ahead and download this bitch for free.


released October 1, 2015

Mad thanks to Max Taylor, to Jeremy Lee, and to Jake Pastor for their work with the album.

Huge thanks to Greg Ruff, our former bassist who appears on a few of these tunes.



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persons. places. things. Cleveland, Ohio

A Cleveland band dedicated to making meaningful music

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Track Name: and the People we Chose to Keep
I told you I had feelings for you
between two cigarettes, because sometimes one won't do.
I watched you suspend yours in the stagnant air
and two fingers over, your ring was glistening there.
We came inside off the porch, anything but confused.
My feeling ashamed, a bit familiar, yet somehow new.
I could have explained my lack of agenda until I'm dead,
but you trusted me, and we wrote poems instead.

We are the sum of the things we've seen and the people we chose to keep.
The only reason anyone loves anybody else
is to better understand how to love themselves.

We are the sum of the things we've seen and the people we chose to keep.
And yes, we lose touch with our friends.
But we don't stare in disbelief.
Track Name: Enjoy It!
Today I'm starting the day like everyone in the town
we all woke up in a daze, last night, we went out.
I left my friends in the crowd, I didn't turn back.
I had to make for the bridge, I had to walk on the tracks.
It's been about one year since I started thinking like this
and struggling between the having and leaving or meeting and holding and loving and losing the persons, the places, the things and their meanings, and finding the happiness in having something to miss.

I am sick and tired of having to squeeze every ounce out of life to enjoy it.
So I will stretch my roots until I am tall enough to bear my own fruit.

Tonight I'm riding the bus like everyone in the town,
we all just want to get drunk, because we all love the Browns.
So I looked up the score, stood up and shouted "we won"
and no one said a word.
But I kept smiling to myself like I do when I'm down,
cuz everything everyone says to me is either indifferent, important, or dead to me, so if I say what I want and then let it be, no one can get to me.

In a couple of hours, I saw where the time went.
I guess I needed a couple of hours to kill
to figure out that what happened, happened.
And what hasn't yet, will.
Track Name: SuperJaded
The way the river parted for a bed of stone had me rolling up my jeans in a heartbeat. As inviting as anything could be, I had to make some time for me.

My cell phone wasn't even on my mind all day. No one really talked about last night. Or if they did, I guess the river drowned them out and washed up all my expectations from the ground.

But before I had my confidence confiscated
I brushed my thumbs across her cheeks as if we fornicated
It aint no thang, but I swear I'll make it complicated
I think I'm better off alone.
It's hard to say it.

And now I'm super jaded
I overcompensated
I think I'm better off alone,
it's hard to say it.
I'm better off alone;
but I'm glad I made it count

I see the sandbar swallowed up after the rain.
It sucks because I know it's there.
And I could make an argument for why I cover up my pain,
but I won't cuz I don't care.
Track Name: Gratification
I spent 2013 resentful about one human being.
Another year relived, with twice as many chances missed.
And I'm falling asleep over these words, but I'm starting to make sense of relationships, the lineup change that happens when kids go to college.

I know I've said this all before, in some way shape or form.
But now that I can sleep at night,
I'm looking for some gratification to show me it didn't go unheard.

I don't know who made me how I am, or if I even believe I'm anything more than a product of environment.
But I am here, and I will stay. I'll face challenges every day, and I'll get better with every day.